Monday, November 28, 2005


Orphans have a way of seeing the world like no one else. I enjoy coming up with stories that include a focal orphan achetype. (See Carol Pearson's book, "Awakening the hero within," or anything by Joseph Campbell)

I was flipping through an old sketchbook the other day and I came across the rough character drawing for the sketch above. This turtle is based on the species I did my undergraduate ecology research on, back before I remembered drawing is what I enjoy doing best. I scribbled in some tone tonight and posted it just for you..


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orange said...

hello rob

this one looks really nice. It's great to see you'r still keeping at the story. I am so sorry i could'nt respond any earlier. I did get both ur emails prior to this. It's just that i hardly check my hotmail these days.

I will mail you soon enough and send u all my new contact info. Till then..keep drawing
my best to urself and ewa