Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I Love this PODxt thing.

So, once upon a time I was a semi-professional guitar player, playing gigs in a hair rock band and recording original music in an expensive recording studio. What a crazy life that was. I eventually quit the band to save my life. When I went to University I gave all of my gear to a friend who had lost his eye-sight, to encourage him to keep playing guitar. I knew I would never survive my degree if I had multiple passions vying for my attention. I gave up playing guitar all together.

Over a decade later I have reconnected with music and I am now once again playing in a rock band, while working on multiple forms of my own music, which ranges from folk and indie to trance, tribal, children's music, and everything else under the sun. I love telling stories with music as much as I do with visual art.

A really amazing guitar player I know introduced me to the PODxt. With this thing I have in the palm of my Stratocaster laden claws the power to mimic just about every guitar sound you have heard in a song in the last 50 years.

Check it out!

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