Friday, June 05, 2009

"Dear Universe,"

I enjoy using creativity and painting to just ask the universe for things I want, like an affordable new place to live.

I also enjoy painting with others. This was done in a bit of a ritual with my partner Michelle to put our intentions out to the world to find a new place to live and work, which is affordable and will give us the space we need in the neighbourhood.

This process also has a therapeutic value to it. By taking the emphasis off of worrying about the future, everything "working out right", or waffling on making decisions, we put our feelings to work to create a visual representation of our intention to move from our current place, which is wonderful, but not quite sufficient anymore.

We each started painting a side of the picture, then switched part way through, and switched back a couple of times, adding to or complementing each others expressions. We paused once in a while to chat about what we see emerging, then we filled in where ever we felt there was something missing. Voila! After a half hour we were happy with our product, and we both felt a lot better about are decision to move.

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