Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 30 of the 30 Day NaNoWriMo, Novel-Writing Challenge

I am a winner!

Yesterday I uploaded my novel "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Suburbia" to the NaNoWriMo Website for the word count verification, 60, 437 words.

So, here is how I feel about being a winner:

Stressed!  That's okay. You don't have to be stressed too. My closest friends know I am not big on celebrating my accomplishments. In fact, I am about as quick to file them under "G" as I am to take up new things.

So, here's the thing. I want that to change. I want to invite the glory of magnificent transformation to enter my way of being, loop me up in a spring of vibrant growing, and blossom into a blooming anthem of "We are the champions."

So here to celebrate the success of exceeding the 50,000 word target in 30-days I offer what I have learned.

1. I have a lot to say. I wrote 60,437 words about something that happened to me when I was seventeen, and did not even breach the subject on its deepest levels.

2. I can write so deeply about something emotional, and have it spill out into my current life in ways that have my partner, Gayle and I looking at each other going "what the hell was that?"... and, basically avoid hitting the deepest most significant channel of emotion stirring beneath it all.

3. There are whole veins that remain untapped: my story is incomplete. Yay! I get to write more.

4. Did I mention that I get to write more?

5. I totally need a break. While writing this story has given me some amazing passages with word tangles that make me laugh so hysterically, they are so beautiful; -I need to live some life in December. I feel like I have lost touch with my bank account, and the laundry. I don't remember where I put that important letter that needs to be signed and dated immediately. I probably have not seen my friends in a while, and somehow, I have forgotten all about Kale other special greens that make you healthy and happy and regular.

6. Sigh!

7. I want to start writing tomorrow, but I should take this opportunity to learn how to celebrate.

8. I am soliciting suggestions on how to go about patting myself on the back and making it all feel like I am celebrating being a winner.

9. "I won! I won! I won!!!"

10.  Dear friends, thank you so much for this past month, checking in with me to see how the writing is going. Thank you for asking me about my novel and for telling me how cool writing a novel sounds. Thank you for telling me that my life is going great and that it seems like wonderful things are happening for me. Thank you for being supportive and for encouraging me to stick with it.

Dearest friends, I love you so much and cannot tell you enough how your support and encouragement was needed, lest I tell you that you job is not yet over. Like mine, your job remains open. I need support more now than ever. I have half an unedited story. Now, the real work begins. Now, I call upon you to help me get this thing read and commented on, chewed up, spit out, burned, cleansed of garbage, grammar checked, story inconsistencies smashed, not mention the emotion support of both hearing the honest truth, and about pushing myself into the darkest places I avoided this whole month. Napping, apparently is a wonderful place to visit while you are trying to avoid writing about certain things that connect you with a difficult subject or painful emotional memory. For the next month I want to see you and hang out with you and just connect with you, then starting in January, the next phase of writing begins. Editing concurrent with writing. The January challenge is to get into the scenes I avoided writing this month, to get them out, and try to squeeze them into the book I wrote this month. What do you say? Did I mention I miss you and love you?  I make a mean chocolate chip oatmeal cookie too. 



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