About the Sacred Fire

The Sacred Fire Blog began with a vision of the first storytellers dancing around a fire. Art College dropped me into its flurry of projects and demands and I settled with drumming some of those works into the timeline. However, slowly the Sacred Fire Blog is turning toward its deeper more meaningful purpose as a place to share stories about healing through the creation of art. We are deeply spiritual creatures, as we attach so much meaning to things, but the greatest gifts of my life have not come from a university lecture or a book. These have amazed me, but the light they shed is pale in comparison to the excavation of the innate wisdom we hold captive in our flesh and bones. Our modern world has shut off so much of the power within us. It is my hope that readers of this blog will find the inspiration to take the journey toward recovering that innate wisdom.

Since the dawn of our time we gathered around great sacred hearth fires in the heart of our communities to share knowledge and wisdom. The teachings, stories, and enchantments of all who have come before us live on inside of us. We share a common thread with the first storytellers, the myth makers, the heroes who carved the paths we now widen.

Our journeys are the same. Our hearts, desires, wills, and compassions are the same as our ancestors, but our world has changed. We stand now in a world so unlike anything that has ever come before. We as a species have so dramatically altered the stage on which we re-enact age old dramas, such that for a brief time in our existence we have abandoned our innate wisdom. We have abandoned our intuitions and body intelligence, in favour of particular concept of who we are and meant to be, and that concept is an illusion, for we are as alive and emotional, as creative and passionate, as willful and vulnerable as ever.

In this time of meditation on the state of our planet home and each of us our place in it, our hearts know we must return to the mysterious wisdoms within each of us, for we live lives of such riches most of our ancestors could not have dreamed, and yet spiritually, soulfully we live in poverty.

The healing that must take place for all of life to reach sustainable practices, begins with healing ourselves. Allopathic medicine has its place, but the destiny of every soul to awaken from the spells of distraction around us, and ignite the fire that drives us to share our greatest gifts, to dedicate our soul's purpose to recreating a culture on the principals of sustainability and compassion.

The first storytellers wait for our return to the sacred fire, to deliver the memories of our time to the great cauldron for stirring and the only ticket to that sacred gathering is in your healing and divine spark. Creativity is that spark. In the passion cores of creative abandon we meet the healers, teachers, lovers, friends, the art makers of all time.

Make haste. The healing journey can be long, but it is the only journey worth the taking.

Blessed Be!


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Archer Swiggum said...

Wow! This is very compelling stuff.
Hail to the sacred fire!